Friday, December 18, 2009

December 31, 9999 will be a bear

Ten years ago next week, I, like many of you, were monitoring systems for any Year 2000 glitches as the new year came in and the calendar rolled over to 2000. It was a most uncelebratory new year as I stared at monitors at a client site along with everyone else who could potentially be useful should a crash have occurred. It was one of those things where we did not know what might happen or what we might be called upon to do. We just had to be ready for anything. Fortunately, nothing unusual happened except some PCs didn’t turn over the year correctly (insert joke here: how many consultants does it take to update a PC date?).

This seemed to be the case throughout the IT world as systems hummed along. There was some remediation done in the months prior, but not much. Does anyone remember all the predictions of gloom? A whole industry sprouted up (and down) around this “problem”.

This New Year’s Eve, there are no such concerns. We can party like it’s NOT (Dec. 31) 1999.

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